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Bringing Bible Instruction to Public School Children

Children’s Bible Ministries was born in prayer. Burdened by the tremendous spiritual need of millions of un-churched children in the Public Schools, Rev. Walter Jensen started a weekly meeting to seek the Lord’s guidance concerning this need. In February 1935, Children’s Bible Mission was organized in Lakeland, Florida. The method was simple: Bring Bible instruction to public school children, with summer camp as an incentive for study.

The work quickly spread, coming to Virginia in 1937 through the work of Rev. John Dubosq of Page County. By 1946, a team of teachers were bring Bible instruction to nearly 10,000 students in six counties each month.

In 1971, The Supreme Court upheld Released Time Bible Instruction in the public schools, but ruled that classes must be held off school property and with parental consent. CBM purchased portable classrooms so the ministry could continue to reach boys and girls with Bible truths during the school day.

Today, the “Rolling Chapel” visits public elementary schools in Culpeper, Greene, Madison, Orange, and Page Counties; bringing monthly Bible instruction and the good news of Jesus Christ to 3,000 students each month.

Through the years, CBM of VA rented a facility each summer to host camp for their release time students. In 2006, through the generosity of two donors, a 48 acre property was given to CBM of Virginia and named Camp Red Arrow.

In 2012 Camp Red Arrow opened for its first summer and had over 120 campers in attendance. Since opening, the camp has continued to grow in facilities, activities, and attendance, bringing Faith, Friendship, and Fun  to children of all ages and bringing the Gospel message to the next generation.

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