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Staff Application Information

Camp Red Arrow in Stevensburg, VA is looking for young people ages 14 to 18+ (including Senior Saints) who are interested in serving on staff this summer.  This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference and impact lives for Christ in a fun and loving environment. 


  • Have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Have a heart for ministry and serving.

SENIOR COUNSELORS (ages 18+, application required)  We need 3 guys and 3 girls to serve as Camp Counselors this summer.  Being a counselor isn’t easy, but it is one of the most rewarding ministries you could ever do.  You’ll be investing in the lives of children and teenagers, and it will change your life as well.  Your involvement will be for 8 weeks beginning with a staff training week May 23 – May 31.  In addition to the paycheck you will receive, we are willing to help you raise additional support just as you would for a mission trip.

LIFEGUARDS (ages 16+, application required)  We are looking for 2 certified lifeguards to supervise campers during designated pool times.  In addition to lifeguarding responsibilities, you will be asked to help maintain/clean the pool between uses and also to assist in other maintenance/programming projects that fit into your schedule.

The following positions are strictly volunteer.  This means you will not receive a paycheck for serving, but you will receive a volunteer certificate and a discount of $50 off the cost of your week as a camper for each week you serve.  We are also willing to help you raise support just as you would for a mission trip.  

T.E.A.M.    Teens Excited About Ministry  (ages 14-17 unless maintenance which has to be at least age 16+ : must have completed 9th grade by camp, application required)  
We need 4 girls and 2-3 guys for each week this summer.  Each TEAM member is required to attend the one-day training class on May 25th from 9 am -3 pm.
Girl TEAM members will help set up the dining hall for meals and then clean up afterwards, including doing dishes.
        will help clean buildings around camp including the bathhouse.
        will help run the camp store/snack shack in the afternoon.
Guy TEAM members will help with mowing, weed whacking, and removing brush – general grounds keeping.
         will assist with setting up games.
         will help TEAM girls with cleaning.

JUNIOR COUNSELORS  (ages 16+, application required)  We need 3 girls and 3 guys for each week of camp this summer.  This is an important leadership position as you assist the Senior counselor in a cabin with up to 12 campers.  You will have the opportunity to grow spiritually and to help lead your campers in a closer walk with the Lord.  You will be stretched as you “wear many hats” often performing extra duties as well as having lots of fun.  Jr. Counselors are required to attend the staff training week from May 26 – May 31.

Please contact us with your interest in any of the following positions.  We would love to discuss how your skills and experience can be used to serve God this summer.  Although the following positions are strictly volunteer, an application is still required.  If needed, we are willing to help volunteers raise support just as you would for a mission trip.

- First aid providers (we need one for each week)
- Kitchen volunteers (we need 2 to 3 for each week)
- Registration and Dismissal – traffic control, checking campers in and out.  Just 2 – 3 hours on Monday and Friday.
- Program/Elective volunteers – fishing, boating, crafts, archery, riflery, photography, etc. Just 2 – 3 hours on select days.
- Media Assistant – taking pictures and videos, as well as editing and making a weekly camp video, plus additional media work.

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