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Missions, Camp Store & Snack Shack, Horsemanship

Snack Shack &
Camp Store

Day campers will be able to visit the Snack Shack 1x per day.  Overnight Campers will be able to visit 2x a day.  There is a limit of 2 food items per visit.  Snack items and drinks are $1 each.  There is also a variety of souvenirs, supplies and clothing up to $30 in price. (see below for details)

No cash accepted from campers during camp.  Money must be added to their account before camp and will be transferred to their snack card upon their arrival. Before the end of the week, each camper will have the option of using their balance for last minute purchases or a donation to the mission project fund for that week. For simplified book keeping there will be no refunds of any unused balance, and any remaining balance will be donated to the mission project.

Please put the camper's name and week in the comment box.

Missions Offering

  • Missionary Offering goes to support the non-profit Christian missionary speaker or project presented to your child during camp. 

Please put the camper's name and week in the comment box. 


  • Single, 1/2 hour lesson

  • Lessons are at Gifts From Above, LLC, about 19 miles away. 

  • Children are transported by van 25 minutes from camp.  

  • Helmets provided. Children must have closed-toed shoes to participate.

  • Quantity is limited to 24 campers each week.

Please select only the week your child/teenager will be attending and also fill-in their name. If not available for your child's week, please do not choose a different week. After payment you will be taken to the waiver form, to print and complete for registration.

Horsemanship is Filled

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